Brief Biography of Supreme Master,Mohammad Reza Yahyaie

Brief Biography of Supreme Master, «Mohammad Reza Yahyaie»:


 «Working bee is similar to the human thinker (pollen of flowers and gathered to honey and to become, and we use our) human thinkers, science and knowledge to gather the thoughts and ideas into the knowledge ».


 His Excellency Master «Mohammad Reza Yahyaie» scientist; author; scholar and explorer; inventor; teacher;
Bachelor massage therapy(Yumeiho Therapy) From Japan;
Karate Instructor-black belt-Don 5;
Yoga founder comprehensive(Islamic) Iran and the world;
Supreme Master-golden clothes; are.



 «Mohammad Reza Yahyaie Semnani» in 1969 in Tehran and the Muslim family, was born.
The Master in 1978 in the field of martial arts and disciplines in 1988: religions, mysticism, metaphysics (metaphysical), traditional medicine and psychological science began its activities, and medical devices in 1993 «Acupuncture without needles» with New thesis (pain = tonne electric gathering point in the body) be invented.


 In different fields of their inventions, discoveries, Tz·ha and various educational books and registered them in several areas of certification martial arts, traditional medicine and spiritual science, metaphysics (metaphysical), and technology ... Dara is. Currently the many students trained under Master have specialized fields: electronics, mechanics, chemistry, medicine, surgery, anesthesia, religions, hadiths, technology, sports, combat, medical, psychology, Parapsychology, and .... Reza'i omnipotent God in the way of serving the people, and people are.


 I have to add that, more than 1400 articles, more than 140 books, and more than 50 types of invention and technology in different fields, from them and will be registered; amen.



«Mohammad Reza Yahyaie» some of the following:


1- Full Encyclopedia seven main world medicine (Volume I) (5 dermal), (published 1995 and 1999):

One) massage therapy and pain relief.

Two) pressure medicine for children and adults.
Three) acupuncture needle - Wick Investment - Acupuncture without needles with electronic devices (new thesis).
Four) of water pressure therapy - treatment by drinking water - bath therapy.
Five) Yoga therapy - prayer therapy - music therapy - the metaphysical sciences.
Six) Raw vegetarian - Raw vegetarian foods (natural nutrition).
Seven) Herbal medicine - to identify diseases - treatment with herbal medicine - plant property - hair health.



2- Yoga in seven stages, from beginner to higher(Volume I), (published 1996,1997 and 2000):

One) feeding the body.

Two) Pakyzgy body - Tmrynaty to see a halo of luminous and ethereal body surrounding the body.
Three) focus - Madi Tyshn - awaken the third eye - Paty trap - The Sixth Sense.
Four) breathing exercises - Chakra - Kndalyny Awakening - invisible shield against the negative waves.
Five) Yoga movement - movement therapy. Six) day - strengthening of luminous halo around the body.
Seven) love of God - Arfanh sleep for spiritual inspiration - the spirit of flight - the hypnotist - Athar remarks Imams (AS) and Holy Quran with knowledge.



3- Twenty-minute sleep therapy,(published 1997):

Difficult to treat diseases and health sleep Nalaj new thesis by yourself, you can treat:
1-weld broken bones. 2-removing the gland tumors and cancers of the body and pussy. 3-removing all the stones and gravel. 4-Fljy body(MS). 5-Carrie. 6-Myocardial infarction. 7-stroke. 8-supply vitamins to the body. 9-supply oxygen to the body(asthma). 10-Nervous. 11-discomfort. 12-mental patients -patients Haemophilia. 13–migraine. 14-leave addiction(new thesis).
Thesis and ultimately hypnotic in its new state to achieve spiritual ecstasy to self-analysis.




4- Mental powers (mental tutorial - The author of the study) ,(published 1999):

By their method of learning new spiritual book you're interested in a short time and with full understanding of the subjects lies in the book and can learn useful subjects included are:
1-Surveying note way. 2-study conditions 3-diseases study. 4- to treat diseases related to study. 5-Madi Tyshn. 6- Focus ideas. 7-recommended for health study. 8-way to communicate with the spirit of the author. 9- learning of subjects lies within the book without reading.



5- Miracle energy plants (plants Khvddrmany by energy - the energy way to get Azgyahan) ,(published 1999):

By its treatment by modern methods of energy plants to you in a short period of time and treatment can include contents useful is the following:
1- treated by energy plants 2- the power of miracle treatment plants, energy 3- halo of luminous energy and pharmaceutical plants around the. 4- way healing patients by treatment plants, energy(new thesis). 5- way to treat your animal without assistance by mental health. 6- way power plants take. 7- aware ego, and subconscious Abragah.


6- Massage therapy (Yumeiho Therapy) ,(ready to print):

By this book, you can own and others within a short time, from the diseases such as: sciatica, Waris, MS, disc, back pain, Padrd, neck pain, arthritis, rheumatic, premature aging, a place where hipbone, constipation, shoulder and spine pain, impotence, obesity and fatigue, Save. Including: 1- History invented «Yumeiho Therapy». 2-degree certificate «Yumeiho Therapy». 3-Reason 4 diseases - the place where the effects hipbone. 5- ways that leisure miracle treatment, eradication of diseases in to. 6-Effect of treatment methods «Yumeiho Therapy» Diseases on 7 - only one percent of people have normal pelvic. 8-a place where labor and hipbone. 9- the place where pelvic bones, disease incidence and. 10-face similarity fan body 11-deviation detection hipbone. 12-Hidden secrets massage therapy «Yumeiho Therapy». 13-the seven treatment methods 14 - Education hundred massage therapy techniques «Yumeiho Therapy»15 - Training exercise individual «Yumeiho Therapy» (48 individual exercise). 16-CPU flexibility, to exercise individual«Yumeiho Therapy». 17-Table Drmanjv status measurement before and after massage therapy«Yumeiho Therapy».  18-traditional medicine treatment for diseases (1-Massage Therapy. 2- pressure medicine. 3-Acupuncture. 4-Wick Investment. 5-electronic device «acupuncture» without needles. 6-Water treatment with cold water pressure. 7-treatment by drinking water. 8-bath therapy. 9-Yoga Therapy. 10- Prayer 11-therapy - music therapy. 12- Natural Nutrition Therapy. 13-Herbal medicine. 14-Sleep Health. 15- energy therapy. 16- color therapy. 17-phlebotomy. 18-cup. 19-Hamiu Paty mew).




7- Divine source of light (with God's program) ,(ready to print):

By this program, you self-analysis and theology (evolution) can access, including: Chapter with important Qur'anic mention their property, life lessons Athar Imams (AS), prayer important Athar Imams (AS) Athar important Prayers Imams (AS), Astkharh with the Holy Quran, to banish evil from the forty-day period, interpreted Sadqh sleep, fourteen innocent shield (AS), from Qbvr pilgrimage, contact Tayebeh spirits (ethereal mold - mold isthmic) , to speed up things, to self-reliance, etiquette, meditation, strong faith, Doa prayer, prayer wailing, and ....



8- Acupuncture comprehensive,(ready to print):

By acupuncture points, you and others in his short period of time, lost Bymaryhaytan Save. All information in this book to fourteen meridian in acupuncture, so analysis has been that everyone can see right to education, and stimulating the points, and others from their disease between take. If you are the important points (fourteen hour) to learn well, you just parts of it with different methods of stimulation can, then stimulated with the desired areas, eradication of diseases can be: 1- by pressing with fingers the (pressure medicine). 2- by fire (Wick Investment). 3- by needles (acupuncture). 4- by electronic device without needles (acupuncture-frequency device without needles), and .... The contents of the book are: 1- Yin and Yang and Tao. 2- Tai Chi. 3-vital energy (Chi). 4-to identify diseases. 5-System 6 Phase Five - the five factors control. 7-Fourteen body pulse. 8-foods «Yin and Yang». 9-various pulse. 10-up emotions on the body. 11-Syr reflect climate on body. 12-the energy flow by hours of the day. 13-recommendations for a healthy life during the year. 14-proprietary parts and important acupuncture. 15-important rule Acupuncture. 16-Fourteen acupuncture meridian. 17- Floor Bndyhay acupuncture points. 18-acupuncture points Location determination methods. 19- electric nerve stimulation through the skin (TENS). 20- benefits of acupuncture without the use of machine needles 21-the staff Acupuncture. 22-neural mechanisms of analgesic effect of acupuncture with 23-Acupuncture with acupuncture without needles electronic device. 24-Usage by the life force (Chi). 25-fourteen meridian main channels and described with 26 points - acupuncture points used in the most without pain with acupuncture have. 27-Full table acupuncture points with the Chinese name, pronunciation, English name, location, treatment of 28-Culture letter word in Chinese Acupuncture 29- Treatment of diseases by acupuncture points.



9- Karate training in simple language «style: Shito Rio» (white belt: Cave 10,and 9) (Volume I), (12 cutaneous), (published 2006):

Complete review with beginner students in martial arts (karate) Bml came to understand this issue and we are aware that almost all the sports field not complete, so for having knowledge of the matter grounded martial arts (karate) This reference book The first book in this case is, to me in the field and includes topics are:
1 - Karate History 2 - «Karate - Two» What? 3 - Chitō-ryū «Karate - Two» 4 - Arm, 5 Chitō-ryū - clothing belt karate and 6 - respectively grading «Kiev» (pupils) 7 - grade respectively «Don» (Teachers) 8 - each time taking the belt and Don 9 - degree equivalent to «Kiev» and «Don» 10 - 11 elders said - white belt «Cave 10» 12 - white belt «Cave 9» 13 - Estelahat «Chitō-ryū, karate - Two» 14 - Dachy (standing ) 15 - Kyhvn (Basic Technique) 16 - Kata (form - harmonic and rhythmic movements) 17 - Thaçi Kata (standing forms) 18 - axes, Joni Nvkata «Tai weevil Cave» 19 - hand and foot techniques, 20 - known difference 21 -- fitness (exercise) 22 - 23 karate training hard - by spiritual unity «Chi Kong» 24 - the concept of real karate 25 - «sixth sense» in martial arts 26 - «Zen» in 27 martial arts - karate dress way. 28 - belting way. 29 - respect for different methods. 30 - Jhtha Position in karate. 31 - Important Notes on style «Chitō-ryū».



10- Comprehensive i Ching (Book fate - and wisdom Falname Chinese ,(ready to print):

Subjects in the book «i Ching» fully comprehensive, simple and mental, has been invented by the author, anyone able to use the contents necessary take. «i Ching» book or fate, one of the world's oldest books and more than four thousand years of life. «i Ching» person allows the forces that led to see Lucky, and her flow of life that happens to make aware, and he allows that go with confidence, and he Gvshzd that what can be when this process to benefit their Bgrdand. «i Ching» other is applied, making clear that the world is hidden behind the appearance. «i Ching» says not what will happen, but instead to clear Bdyngvnh why things are the way and should be adopted offers. Final decision is the same person, and ultimately his own self is the subject of fortune. And includes subjects are:
1-History «i Ching». 2-made «i Ching». 3-ancient Chinese calendar. 4-CPU time, each star sign, and Al-Burooj Astronomical «six linear». 5-interpretation of terms important to. 6-the concept of symbols and symbol. 7-Four directions and Chapters 8-the body in «i Ching». 10-with different kinds of divine «i Ching» (yarrow Chvbhay method-method of wood six-three coin method). 11- reading text «Yi Ching» 12- key sentences «i Ching». 13- Table Guide«six linear». 14- Sixty-four issues«six linear». 15-description, interpretation, sentencing, and sixty-four image «six linear». 16-Training«i Ching comprehensive» simple language , for divination.



11- Zen in the martial arts (language simple Zen) (Zen comprehensive), (Volume I), (ready to print):

Include: history and the emergence of Zen, philosophy, riddle, puzzles way to find the answer, 114 instructive story about Zen and interpret them, how can the influence of Zen (one of the Zen) Zen Zen is and how to improve living to take the necessary use.



12-In breach of Secrets (ultra tight Sciences), (ready to print):

In this book, a full review for learning ethics staff has Bml scientists. This book also oriented its work on the duties of master and pupil to pupil tasks professor also has. With instructions to read and operate and hadiths this book, you can, to influence and penetrate the secrets of this world wide metaphysical science, God Hakim in breast and virtuous people learned to trust input, Bnmayyd. Feet, and even beyond input and witnesses discovered through the light, directly Anvar science and theology, can obtain useful. This book includes contents Zvat hair is the following:
1- disciple of Master tasks. 2-tasks to master pupil. 3- Ethics staff scientists. 4- three science learning theory. 5- Category science. 6- philosophy and the importance of it. 7- prayer scientists. 8- right to world. 9-death ulama. 10- Companion with the ulema and dialogue their. 11- Question world and negotiate with him. 12- give-away of Science. 13- prohibition of uncharted say. 14- who unknowing to practice. 15- The apply science. 16-science who eat their livelihood and means Bnazd 17 - Hojjatollah necessary and fixing responsibility on world 18 - world 19 Science and grace - the grace and Hadith books and narrative writing, getting the book.



13- Comprehensive application Chfyh, (ready to print)

During the war between Iran and Iraq, Islam Rzmndgan Ghyvranh front Tjavz·hay repeated Iraqi Baath regime hated our beloved motherland, the eight-year holy resist Available. During the eight years of holy Rzmndgan John Brkf conditions and was jealous of Islam before the urgent need to the specific accessories, especially for the denial was found. More often because of lack of facilities in the front line, Rzmndgan were forced to use the Chfyh. The needs of the application of frequency Chfyh looking for.
Writer of the several war fronts in defense of water and forced busy Khaksh was, in all application Chfyh learn. After the end of the war, the author often been engaged in teaching martial arts and metaphysics, and .... In resorting to the mountains and nature.
During teaching mountain, desert, beach and forest, sometimes events happen that are forced to use the Chfyh I can. Therefore, self-writing this book very useful and practical, for the public, fell.
The public can read the book, in an emergency, the information it very useful, to enjoy optimum use.



14- Comprehensive phlebotomy, (ready to print):

Comprehensive new method by cup, you can in a short period of time, get rid of the Bymaryhaytan. «Comprehensive phlebotomy» medicine based on the old (traditional) medicine and new (medical) and inner inspiration with new thesis author, has been invented. Cup comprehensive new approach to treat the right way and make people live is clean.



15- Comprehensive treatment of acupuncture without the needles with the electronic device, (ready to print).

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